The Arcadia Edible Garden Tour Photos

With the lack of blog updates lately, I realized that I hadn’t shared some of the photos I took at the last Arcadia Edible Garden Tour.

We only got to see a few of the gardens before we had to head on over to the Sweet Life market and help out at the booth, but what we did see was amazing and inspiring! Gardeners are truly special people with a great connection to the earth and our roots, and I feel so lucky to have seen some of their beautiful spaces. I didn’t get to take as many pictures this Spring, but these homesteads sure did give Husband and I tons of ideas for our own backyard farm.

We first headed over to Tre Soli, and were of course, in awe. There was a great use space and the roses, oh my! It was beautiful.


Then we stopped by Caroline and David’s Boho Farm. They are just blocks away from our place and we’re always inspired every time we make our way home through the neighborhood.

David's Boho Farm

Next, we saw Troy and Rebecca’s lovely Farmyard. We are constantly amazed by their creativity and the volume that they are able to produce to share with neighbors and customers.

Troy and Rebecca's lovely Farmyard

I loved the graduated raised bed!

raised bed gardening